Fire Licked

A Fable of Lust

Editions:Kindle: $0.99

Isidora is a shapeshifter chosen for sacrifice--an appeasement to the gods of fire and earth, who are ripping apart South America with volcanic eruptions.

But when a demon named Cristis finds her on the verge of death, he can't resist the urge to save such a beautiful woman. Their shared passion could rock the world... especially when the fire god comes to collect Isidora.

Published: 01/06/2013
Publisher: Red Iris Books

DRUMBEATS PENETRATED THE HEART OF the jungle, rippling throughout the trees and echoing off the mountains. Beneath the canopy of trees was a vast clearing inhabited by a village. The setup of homes and vans looked very temporary. And the vehicles and tents completely contradicted the ancient ritual taking place there amongst the terrain.

Bandits. Animal folk. In the midst of a very rare recreation.

Men were bare-chested, their faces painted, some hidden by masks. Women were clad in age-old dresses made of barely any cloth, their bodies also gleaming with multicolored make up. They danced together to the percussion. Jumping over bonfires and undulating as their hands lifted to the sky, chanting and uttering piercing cries and lilts.


The only ones who remained still were the chief and three ladies beside him. The chief was regal in his high-backed wooden throne, his garb of the highest caliber. The women beside him all wore long white robes with varicolored necklaces of shells and beads. Their heads hang toward the ground as the festivities continued about them.

Songs and tongues grew louder when a tent opened and a large man emerged. He wore only a grass skirt and a bone wreath that covered most of his face and head. His staff was decorated with rattles and chains. He shook it menacingly and walked directly to the leader of the tribe.

“Alpha, the heavens have given me the gift of sight. They have opened and shown me the tide to come.” His voice boomed over the continued vocalizations. “In order to appease the Land Gods, we must send them a willing offering.”

The pack grew frenzied with his news. The dancing became more elaborate, the drums quicker, the bodies twisting in arrays of colorful flesh.

The priest held up his staff, shaking it in a design toward the sky. “I have been given the power to choose for them. I will do so now, at your direction.”

The alpha nodded quickly.

The priest waved his staff dramatically and the people stopped and stared, silence instantaneous among them.

All that made a sound was the rattles, chiming almost bell like in echoes. The priest shook them faster and faster. He swung them around his head, toward the surrounding crowd and then to the alpha. He approached the altar slowly with his staff before him. The closer he got to the three women the more his body convulsed. Soon he was foaming at the mouth, his eyes rolling in the back of his skull, intoning in a garbled mess. Still he walked on.

When he was three feet from the women with their downcast heads, he let out a loud shout and fell in spasms to the ground.


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