Challenged by Darkness

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Paperback: $9.99
ISBN: 1482648938
Size: 8x5 in
Pages: 198

They killed Winx's sister.
They slaughtered Keaton's family.
Now it's time for revenge.

Winx and Keaton are struggling to recover from the devastating blow dealt by the lixyns and find their way into each other's arms. The danger is only growing, a shadowy enemy lurks in the background, and Keaton's shattered heart is split between the woman from the past and the woman of his future. Now Winx has to find her revenge without losing Keaton--and without losing herself.

Published: 02/23/2013
Publisher: Red Iris Books

Esteban stared at the corpses clearing with a grim set to his mouth. He knelt down in the midst of the body littered forest floor and peered into the face of a dead bandit child. Even their spawn was scruffy. Insignificant. The savages had eaten well this night.

His coalition of followers were moved through the forest to join him. Unfortunate that so many men in his private reserve of savages had been massacred in the fight, but no matter. He would merely train more observantly in the future. Apparently, the princess and her ilk were not to be underestimated.

“I’m waiting for you to tell me that I’ve done well,” Dante said.

Esteban looked at the younger man across from him. The smug twist of his cheek bothered the Chancellor. “Where is the alpha?” he asked, irritation breeding beneath his calm exterior.


The young man’s smile faded. He shifted his gaze. “Well. She got away. But look at the rest of them! I think we got most of the fighters—”

“The elderly and the children. That’s what I see here.” Esteban spread his hands wide to indicate the bodies. “Do I need to remind you of my one request?”

“All right, yes, the alpha got away. But we have an idea of where they are headed. They won’t last long.” The younger man gave the Chancellor a grievous frown, mirroring his superior’s ire. “You still haven’t congratulated me.”

“Dante. You ignored my instructions.”

“I orchestrated this attack!”

Esteban’s temper broke the surface. “Poorly!”